Design Trends for 2014

Most of these trends were already part of the mainstream in 2013, but the main focus seems to be on authentic, hand-crafted images and graphics. The UI push towards flat design is definitely going to be seen in all aspects.

Infographic: Shutterstock’s Global Design Trends 2014


Need Movie Ideas?


Just in time for all of the awards shows. This clever infographic puts the best and words movies into a map that looks like a subway blueprint. Each┬átrain line is a┬ácolor-coded genre. I may just print one and check off all of the ones I’ve watched.


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What Kind of Designer Are You?

Super cool new from Veer: Find out what the Mystic says about your design style.

Answer a few questions and find out what your design style is. I am the Idealist, a visualizer who believes great design can change the world. As an educator and mentor, an inspiration to many fledgling designers – personal mantra “Ideas before egos.”

Find out yours here.

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Top Jobs for Critical Thinking

Top jobs for critical thinking and salary, grouped by education level or training needed to be successful and perform common job tasks. This graphic is especially nice looking both for color and for the splay formed by info. Looks like the green group is the best paying. Seems like it does pay to stay in school – especially biology. Surgeons make the most for their time along with other medical personnel.

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Economic Crime Around the World

Find out where the bulk of economic crime occurs and what type of crime is most common. Shame on you, Kenya. 66% of companies in that country report economic crime of some sort. The U.S. is 9th with 45%. The most common crime involved was “asset misappropriation” or plain old embezzlement with an increased showing for cybercrime. Score one for the white collar criminal.

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